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Drupal Custom Theme


Your theme name info.yml file will define the custom theme. This file should be located in your custom theme name folder. If your theme name is nasigoreng this hould be in /themes/custom/nasigoreng/

Example of a .info.yml file

name: Nasi Goreng
type: theme
description: Spicy Nasi Goreng Theme 
core_version_requirement: ^8 || ^9
base theme: classy
screenshot: nasigoreng.png

  - irawan_garden/ig-css
  - irawan_garden/quicksand
  - irawan_garden/normalize

  header: Header
  highlighted: Highlighted
  help: Help
  content: Content
  sidebar_first: Left sidebar
  sidebar_second: Right sidebar
  front: Front page blocks
  footer: Footer
  page_top: Page top
  page_bottom: Page bottom

Following are the key value that are compulsory for the Required: * name (required) * type (required) * core (required, optional if you include core_version_requirement) * base theme (required in Drupal 9, optional for Drupal 8)

* php (optional) * version (optional) * libraries (optional) * libraries-override (optional) * libraries-extend (optional) * hidden (optional) * engine (optional) * logo (optional) * screenshot (optional) * regions (optional) * regions_hidden (optional) * features (optional) * ckeditor_stylesheets (optional)